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Our photography

A brilliantly taken picture instantly creates a positive lifestyle emotion that not even a thousand words could ever hope to achieve.

In these days of “rightmove surfing” it takes skill and effort to stand out from the crowd, to grab a buyer's attention, to create that instant attraction to a lifestyle hinted at. Microseconds really do count and a buyer swiftly loses interest.

We have always recognised this and the incredible power of great imagery – which is why we work with one of the best property photographers in the game. It is incredibly frustrating when we see a fabulous house on the market methodically reduced to the simply mundane by boring, uninspiring photography – a house is generally your greatest investment so why accept average when selling or letting?



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Natural lighting takes skill

The photographer not only needs the right kit but also the right techniques – photography is part art and part science after all.


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Create a welcoming entrance

Careful lighting on external shots draws buyer's into a home…

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Light the fire or woodburner

Time and time again we see beautiful homes with wonderful fireplaces photographed with the fire or worse still a woodburner un-lit - a black, ugly box. Light them and immediately set a warm, embracing homely feel - an instant lifestyle hit.

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Twilight Shots..

A brilliant way to stand out from the crowd and particularly effective in the winter months – but it takes skill and practice to get it right – just turning on the lights will not work!

Drones & Videos

Yes, but only where they really help to show off an amazing location, approach or setting.

But beware, a drone picture or video can be brutally counter-productive if mis-used, highlighting elements that will instantly put a buyer off viewing yet which have no impact when at ground level; that ugly pylon, those nearby agricultural barns, that main road nearby, the local railway line – we are not birds! Don’t be persuaded to use them simply because the agent has a drone man on their bucket list of marketing tools.

Time and time again we take over the marketing of some fabulous homes from agents fixated with drone photos and videos and instantly generate more viewings without taking to the sky or the silver screen – remember 9 times out of 10 less is best.